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Digital education now

Digital education now: our opinion 

Digitisation is the biggest change in economic and working life, as well as in interpersonal communication. This already covers almost all areas of life and poses great challenges to our education system in particular. Content communication is drastically evolving at the moment.

As for education, and this is my impression, German politics has changed the course to a considerable extent in the recent past and, at the same time, has been given full throttle. As a result, digitisation of education receives massive cash infusions. The “Digitalpakt Schule 2019-2021” agreement signed by representatives of federal and state governments in May/June 2020 implies great cash injections of €5,000,000,000.00 (in words: 5 billion euros). With €1,054,338,000.00, i. e., over 1 billion euros and a share of 21.08676 per cent, the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia is the greatest beneficiary of this pact, which corresponds to the population of this state.

The bar set by politicians is not only high in financial terms; the preamble to this education pact states the following without any ambiguity:

“Teaching and learning in the digital world must follow the “primacy of the pedagogical” principle.”

It is therefore not just a matter of becoming more economically effective, no, I interpret it like this: pedagogical standards and values should definitely be maintained, if possible, even increased. This means massive efforts, especially on the part of teachers, school management, the authorities in charge, and the parents are not to forget. However, it also means a fair and open transfer of ideas between all parties involved. And we too, as a software producer, consider ourselves responsible. With our software modules like

we create the basis for putting digital education into practice realistically.

Our goal is to create reliable and long-term structures with solid IT technology (hardware and service) and demand-oriented software. Although we consider ourselves well-equipped with around 44,000 installations of BitDisk in the meantime, we are aware that we have only taken the first steps of a long way in this market segment. We see our own position divided into 3 levels:

Level 1: Greater Cologne area:

In the greater Cologne area, we consider ourselves a regional partner who implements and also maintains a solid IT structure that meets the relevant needs of the respective academic institution and is constantly adapted to changing and extending requirements.

Level 2: National area:

Nationally, we see ourselves as a software partner who provides stable software packages and adapts them to the latest conditions (legal regulations, changes in hardware, operating system, etc.), making them available. This self-understanding also means that we make our software available as a free trial version on our website before you buy it. So, the administrator can perform tests from every angle. The subsequent order and download are deliberately designed to be very simple. Our prices (graduated price scale!) are calculated and designed in such a way that nobody has to waste their time with unnecessary haggling and negotiating.

Level 3: International area

We are currently developing suitable concepts in order to be able to operate internationally in the future. Our programmes and manuals, as well as this website, will be translated into several languages in the coming weeks and months. When designing our software, we had already considered the option of multilingualism. Our company is anyway multilingual and internationally oriented.

I would be happy if you test our software exhaustively, and I would like you to do us a small favour in this context. In case you don’t like anything, if you have an idea how it could be better, please don’t keep it to yourself. Please share with us. Just send us an email to

Thank you very much!