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Mobile Laboratory For Classrooms

Stand alone mobile laboratory

ScienceBus enables the use of the ScienceSet collections. Carrying out experiments in primary and secondary school in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, physiology and alternative energies.

Your benefits at a glance!

Swivel wheels with brake

Module with sink and hydraulic System for loading and Unload with Water

central module with transparent doors and lock to Storage of the ScienceSets

phenolic resin countertop, thickness 2 cm, with ergonomic handles, which facilitate transport

side module (option) available as Version with shelves or Tablet charging system

The module is equipped with sink and consists of a water drain and one System with two tanks with 10 liters each


The students are in the Able to understand the basic principles analyze, observe and to test electricity through the construction of circuits with resistors in series and parallel, knowledge of basic electronic Components, measuring Current and voltage in one circuit with a multimeter and much more


The students are able to Basic principles of the classic To analyze, observe and study the electromagnetism generated by permanent magnets magnetic force by the Analysis of electromagnetic fields and the observation of the phenomena the attraction and repulsion of electrified bodies with Accumulation of by friction or Friction induced electrical surface charge is going to perform.


The students will be able to to observe some of the basics to experiment with their hands and Fundamentals of classical mechanics through the study of lever, Pulley, springs, crooked levels and much more to learn. All necessary utensils supplied, along with a useful instruction manual Conduct up to 15 experiments.


By studying the reflections and refraction phenomena of Light irradiation at the lens and much more will the students in the be able to do the basic principles of geometric optics understand. The kit comes with everyone necessary equipment supplied.


By studying the extension are the students able to do the Basic principles of modynamic Analyzing and observing theory and execute phenomena different in nature occurring materials, plus the Evaluation of thermal conductivity and much more. The kit comes with everyone necessary equipment and a supplied user manual is useful to up to 15 to conduct experiments.


The students can physical fundamentals analyze the phenomena underlie the education explain electromagnetic fields, those caused by charges or moving magnetic fields are generated. It will be possible, the connections between moving charges and magnetic fields investigate by practical Methods are introduced to the direction of the electromagnetic Fields to identify and the of Faraday and Lenz introduced to deepen laws that dem underlying electromagnetism.


The students will be in the be able to get the basics of analyze acoustics and to watch, thanks to the thorough study of the phenomena of Propagation of mechanical waves in of the air and its influence on close body. The kit comes with all necessary equipment and one Instruction manual supplied which for carrying out several experiments is useful.


Students will be able be, some of the, basic principles of chemistry watch and with their own hands to experiment. All then necessary tools will beat their disposition and every single experiment will with the theoretical Description of the demonstrated Principles, formulas, completed and data collection.


This kit aims to do that cell structure of living organisms investigate and observe and laboratory analysis techniques deepen identification of DNA. For the correct implementation of the Experiments becomes an optical microscope used.


Alternative energies provide the sustainable future to the energy demand of our planet cover. This kit makes it possible the students, all technologies behind generating cleaner energy to deepen and the Principles of Power Generation by direct current generators mechanical, wind power, hydrodynamic, pneumatic and describe solar propulsion.