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Because the future of education is digital!

Über uns
Protection of minors is a top priority! Parents, teachers and those in charge should not leave it to chance what content children and juveniles may access. This is why we, SOLVE4IT, are committed to providing a much safer Internet! And easy-to-use software solutions, too. As an established company in the field of Parental Controls and Computer Security, we do provide you with practically relevant concepts that suite well for schools and academic institutions.
The IT services rendered by SOLVE4IT are precisely fitting, user-friendly and legally validated.
In the age of digital education, children and young people should be in an optimally protected space, which is tailored to the corresponding age group. While planning and implementing solutions, SOLVE4IT collaborates with the competent authorities closely. This ensures compliance with all the legal standards and also the fact that the needs and wishes of our customers are taken into account up-to-date.
Our main areas:
  • Distribution of in-house software
  • Software development and website creation on behalf of customers
  • Provision of the necessary hardware and software
  • On-site installation by our trained and certified partners worldwide
SOLVE4IT is your globally expanding provider of stable software packages that take into consideration all the statutory regulations and changes in the hardware or operating system in a timely manner.
Our software development:
QuickTerm West GmbH was the programme for fast Internet terminals. Our new business name (SOLVE4IT GmbH) is related thereto, but also stands for a wide variety of IT services. Since we’ve completed our portfolio with other services, it is high time that we adjusted our name as well! Like BitDisk, an advanced, well-established and secure PC protection tool for schools, academic institutions and companies. Since its introduction, BitDisk has been installed more than 44.000 times all over Europe: as a tool flexibly adaptable to user needs, BitDisk protects hard disk drives from unwanted changes precisely, whether made intentionally or accidentally. SOLVE4IT provides you with volume licensing for schools, authorities and companies, as well as single-user licensing for smaller companies, self-employed and private individuals. Other products like BitViewer and BitConsole also come along. All SOLVE4IT products are subject to regular inspection. BitFilter is certified by the Federal Agency for the Protection of Minors in the Media, whereas BitDisk has a Microsoft certification.

Why should you choose us? Future belongs to digital education

As a system house involved in software development, we have been established in the market since 2002 and position ourselves distinguishably in our special segment. What are the reasons for our success? Many of our customers appreciate us for our development strength, quality standards, as well as our personal advice and support. Moreover, we would like to offer everyone the opportunity to protect their children from improper content and to make the associated computers safer. Our software products are primarily notable for simple operation, effective protection and excellent usability. They are suitable not only for schools and private users, as our solutions have persuasive scalability: equipping entire companies or authorities with reliable protection is no problem for SOLVE4IT.

SOLVE4IT: Always close to the customer! In Cologne since its foundation in 2002

Proven customer proximity is the heart of our philosophy. Those who choose us benefit from support provided by a well-coordinated team that comprises experienced software developers and system technicians. We support each solution or website creation, from the first idea through the development to the installation of the finished application, on a par and tailored to your technical environment on site. And the things that have not been adjusted yet, will be adjusted properly: we take into account any specific wishes of your company or educational institution; please contact us at any time.

Get digital education off the ground now!

Digitalisation has caused fundamental changes in the working life, and our education system must keep pace: blackboard, paper and overhead projectors as means of content communication have been considered something from the prehistoric age for a long time. Plan now for the future by setting up sustainable concepts. For the purposes of the German administrative agreement called “Digitalpakt Schule” (DigitalPact School), the government supports digitalisation in the education sector with ten-digit sums. This support is tied up with the preamble of the educational pact, which states: teaching and learning in the digital world must follow the “primacy of the pedagogical” principle. The “Digitalpakt Schule” agreement is a real challenge for teachers, school management, authorities, and parents. As a software producer, we also bear responsibility for this and support you with our products.

Our software modules

bitdisk10 - Festplattenschutz
establish a solid and indispensable foundation to implement the digital education required by the Federal Ministry with a practical orientation – and create reliable structures with the help of IT technology, hardware, service and demand-oriented software that are designed for the long term.

Shall we get started now? SOLVE4IT is your reliable partner.

…for the implementation and service supervision of solid IT structures, tailored to the needs of the respective educational institution. Do you need to control Internet traffic easily and flexibly now? Or is it the thing, when, as an admin, you need to have full control at all times as to who is accessing which network content and where? Make quick adjustments as requirements change or extend? Try our software solutions free of charge and from any liability before your purchase. Since we’re also looking forward to your feedback: in your opinion, could this or that go differently or better? Tell us, because it boosts our creativity and our ambition. Only in this way can we become even better and support you optimally – thank you very much!