SOLVE4IT GmbH, Köln, Germany


Software Development

Communication creates ideas

If you would like to offer sophisticated solutions, you have to know and understand the requirements of the customers. For us, project development, therefore, begins with the first conversation with the customer. Communication is the key to successful product development and a committed supplier-customer relationship.

Feeling at home in many industries

Every industry has its own specific software requirements. Thus, SOLVE4IT GmbH has experienced consultants for key applications on board, and they work throughout Europe. We are involved with banks and savings institutions, insurance companies, universities, industrial businesses and establishments of continuing education, as well as municipalities. We offer optimal technical solutions specifically designed for every industry.

Customer-oriented know-how

Our qualified salespeople remain long-term partners for the joint project, even after the first contacts have been made. We always examine alternatives to existing solutions and approaches, and offer additional services and comprehensive documentation in order to be able to follow the development process later on. The connection based on partnership and an eye for efficiency are part of a holistic project.

IT Services

Professional support for your IT department

Hardly any other sector in a company is subject to such rapid technological change and the resulting high demands on staff as IT is. For companies aimed at maintaining their competitive edge in the future, qualified IT employees who understand complex processes and issues are crucial to success. Your personal contacts at Solve4IT GmbH are well-aware of the special features of the IT market. They understand the technical requirements and can hence provide you with a targeted offer to meet the specific needs of your company. With us, you will find experienced, reliable and dedicated IT experts to turn to for temporary tasks or in the long run. Test us, our employees and our know-how!

Our services for you

We can evaluate your systems before releasing them to the market and also provide you with expert opinions on your systems for the buyer or insurance companies.

Hardware configuration

Installation of system extensions

Hardware cleaning

Setup and connection of peripheral devices

Initial configuration of systems

Software installation and configuration

Virus and anti-malware protection

Backup and data security services

System integration into networks

Setting up networks

Setup and configuration of server hardware

Server operating systems

Setup and configuration of network components

Support of networks

Analysis of errors and issues

System evaluation and assessment

Hardware repairs

Software re-configurations

Customer-specific application programming

Adaptation programming

Website design

Professional implementation of your website

We’ll gladly take over the creation of websites for your company, for private persons or public institutions. Due to many years of our experience in web design and thanks to strong partners, we have the opportunity to offer a wide range of services. Just contact us on this matter, we are looking forward to walking the path into the online world with you.

Website-related services