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Digital boards for schools

The interactive board of the future

Hybrid teaching will become the teaching standard in the future. Interactive blackboards open up new possibilities for teaching and are the teaching aids of the future.
An increasingly common form of teaching combines face-to-face classes with online classes from home. Thanks to clever video conferencing systems, students can now actively participate in lessons from home, just like their classmates on site.

The advantages at a glance!

interactive collaboration

Digital boards create a new level of interactive collaboration that activates and inspires students and integrates digital media to promote contemporary media skills.

Wireless transmission

Thanks to wireless transmission options, students can easily share content such as homework or lectures with the whole class and thus actively participate in class activities. With the help of the AirServer it is even possible to establish a connection with the galneoscreen without an additional app, cable or adapter.

Diverse application possibilities

To ensure that the interactive board can be used in every grade level, it is possible to display all common school lines. These rulings are available on a green chalkboard background as well as white and black backgrounds to ensure that visually impaired students can easily collaborate.

digital supplement

The interactive board is not intended to replace the conventional board, but to supplement it with digital functions. For this reason, it is possible to mount panel wings on the galneoscreen if desired. Here, the respective lines of the class level can also be attached to the blackboard wings.

Latest technology for tablet classes

Thanks to the pre-installed software, teachers can get students excited about the latest technologies and have numerous options for designing their lessons. The software offers teachers support in preparing lessons and facilitates the implementation of modern teaching methods.

Safe learning even without internet access

Central data and user management

10 hours of battery life

Drop and shatterproof notebook

Interactive teacher's desk

Touch surface for interactive operation

wireless connection

Can be used as a digital teacher's desk

Ergonomic standing work

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