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Surfcontrol is now BitWeb

Welcome to BitWeb – your solution for powerful Internet terminals. With BitWeb, your customers can use their own PC for a fee while retaining full control over their usage time.

BitWeb is not just a conventional Internet terminal software. Thanks to our innovative technology, we support common coin validators and provide your customers with all the features of a full-fledged computer without having to worry about damage. Our advanced programs, BitDisk and BitFilter, protect your customers’ privacy while blocking malicious websites, content harmful to minors, and online gambling.

With BitWeb, your customers can use the computers as if they were their own. Additionally, we offer you two valuable programs already integrated into our BitWeb software:


BitFilter: This program can be freely configured by the administrator, giving you full control over which websites are accessible to your customers and which ones should be blocked.

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BitDisk: With each restart, all personal data of your customers is removed, and the computer is restored to a clean state. Furthermore, you can provide your customers with all the necessary software by simply installing it and activating BitDisk.

Our BitWeb software offers you even more great features, such as automatic billing of printed pages, which automatically updates each customer’s remaining usage time.

With BitWeb, you can configure multiple devices simultaneously and check the status of the computers online at any time. Prices can be easily adjusted, and you can even set up special offers like a happy hour. Additionally, you have the option to create and print coupons with login information to offer your customers free usage opportunities.

Alle Features auf einem Blick:

Contact us today to learn more about BitWeb and our tailored solutions for your specific requirements. Offer your customers the freedom to explore the internet without risks while protecting your computers. BitWeb – the optimal solution for your internet-based terminal needs!