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Let’s get to know BitDisk®

BitDisk 10 is a tool for HDD and software protection to be used in the private, commercial and public sectors. Once installed, all intended or accidental actions of the last user will be reversed every time the computer gets restarted: for example, accidental actions may include virus infection, Trojans or other malware. The intended action of the user usually includes installing/uninstalling software, because, after all, each user has different software requirements. In both cases, the computer becomes unusable for others, but, if BitDisk 10 is installed on the machine, everything will be reversed when restarting, and each user will find the same “fresh” operating system!

What’s new?

The new version of BitDisk 10 will provide you with a bunch of new features and options. The product supports multiple partitions and hard drives, and USB protection can be set individually. Another feature, namely scheduling application updates, will be available in a future release. You can centrally manage all BitDisk and non-BitDisk systems using our new application BitConsole and BitViewer. BitDisk10 also supports systems with U-EFI/BIOS and SSDs, as well as MS Windows XP/ Vista/7/ 8.1/10, in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

BitDisk is certified by Microsoft.


Software Features

How does BitDisk10 work?

During the installation of the system, the BitDisk driver will be installed. This driver will control all accesses on the hard disk.

This means:

When you try to write information (data) on a partition protected by BitDisk, the data flow will be directed by the BitDisk driver. Thus, BitDisk memorises all the changed sectors of the hard drive to a list, but this list is only read if an administrator gives BitDisk the command to apply the changes.

When reading information (data) on a protected partition, the driver checks for changes in these sectors; if any changes have been detected, it retrieves the information from the list or from the protected partition.

This simple algorithm results in the impossibility of any physical change on the secured partition.

Therefore, you need to put zero effort to restore the initial status.

When the computer restarts, the list that stores all the changed sectors is deleted, and the protected partition remains unchanged.

When configuring BitDisk10, you have two protection options to choose from:

Option 1: FILE

This protection option will be used if there is no other partition available in addition to the system one. The software temporarily stores all data in a file system managed by BitDisk10 on the system partition.

Option 2: JOURNAL

This protection option can be used if another partition is available in addition to the system one, but it’s smaller than the partition to be protected. The second partition must neither be formatted nor have a drive letter and/nor path assigned to it. This should be a RAW partition. As a result, the partition is not visible during operation. These partitions can also be located on a second hard drive.

Licence: information

The licensing of the new version has also been revised, and some interesting offers are available. Due to the division of licensing into single-user licenses through to corporate licenses, we can provide you with bespoke offers and license models. As for BitDisk10, the following options are available to you:

TRIAL version

With the TEST version, you have the complete range of features of the full version at your disposal, with the restriction that only 25 protected system reboots are available. Once they've done, your system is no longer protected.

FULL version

With the full version, once the license has been activated, you have unrestricted access to the entire range of features.

TIP: The BitDisk10 software does not release you from the general responsibility to install up-to-date virus protection and anti-malware software on the systems!

BitDisk® Licensing