SOLVE4IT GmbH, Köln, Germany


Your central client management system specifically for the digital education sector

BitConsole is a universal tool for IT administrators.

We designed the BitConsole client management system (specifically for the educational sector) as a graphical user interface (GUI) in such a way that, unlike a video game, for example, no fictional world is simulated, but only real content is transmitted between teachers and students. 

When using our BitConsole client management system, only the primary functions of daily teaching are digitised and the educational process is spatially rectified, which reduces the need for traditional classroom teaching. 

For example, once the face-to-face class has ended, essential content can still be exchanged between teachers and students, and direct contact using an online chat is also possible, and the location of teachers and students does not matter at all. 

As an administrator, teacher, lecturer or even a head of department in a company, you have the following options: 

Direct access to all client PCs

– You decide on which mouse, keyboard and USB interfaces of the client PC are shared 

– Using the remote functions, you can upload/reload, rename, delete new files on each individual client PC and create new directories 

– You have a stable chat function (server-client-server) at your disposal


– As a lecturer/teacher, you have admin rights and can view, start or end all running processes, as well as start or stop the client terminal

– Our protection programmes (BitDisk and BitFilter) can also be configured, restarted, stopped, and passwords can be changed on each client’s PC

– Assignment of administrative tasks at a self-determined time point. You can use UNIX and DOS commands. 

– Group commands: you can group multiple clients and lock or unlock an USB, mouse and keyboard, send or delete files

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